Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

Fellowship Opportunities

Our Kirtland Temple fellowships are designed as both an academic program and a museum fellowship. Each summer our fellows participate in University level courses on topics pertaining to Latter Day Saint History and Museum Education. Each course is accredited by Graceland University for three semester hours and includes visiting guest lecturers, field trips to surrounding historic sites, and hands-on curatorial projects with the Kirtland Temple collection. Along with their academic experience, individual fellowship projects and stipend, each fellow interprets the historic landmark through tours and public programming three to four days a week. These experiences give students a professional familiarity with public history research, program management and design, along with the opportunity to meet visitors from all over the world.

Individual Fellowships

The Kirtland Temple Fellowship Program encompasses a wide variety of academic and artistic disciplines that reflect the diversity of the fellows themselves. Each fellowship is named in memorial of a person who made a considerable impact on the story of the Kirtland Temple and the faith community that built it.


Henry Howe Fellowship

The Henry Howe Fellowship memorializes an artist of the nineteenth century by challenging the artistic elements of the Temple, both architecturally and aesthetically. Howe fellows complete projects that focus on enhancing their individual talents revealed through painting, photography, graphic arts, and/or design.


Phebe Rigdon Fellowship

Named after a young educated female who resided across the street from the temple, Phebe Rigdon fellows emphasize the educational qualities and programs of the Kirtland Temple. Each fellow works independently on a project of their choice pertaining to museum education programs, lesson plans, hands-on daily activities, traveling trunks, etc.


Jacob Bump Fellowship

Students interested in the Jacob Bump fellowship choose independent projects that emphasize the importance of the museum store/retail management, product development and placement, and historic site marketing.

Information Technology

E. D. Howe Fellowship

Named after the passionate and opinionated Editor of the Painesville Telegraph, E. D. Howe fellows highlight the importance of technology-based programs at historic sites. Independent projects include, but are not limited to designing a museum store website component, web design, statistical analysis, museum store reports, etc.


Kim Loving Fellowship
Historical Research

In honor of the groundbreaking contributions towards Kirtland Temple history, this fellowship is named after Kim Loving. Loving fellows are dedicated to continuing the research on the legal history of 19th century Kirtland. Fellows are encouraged to present their research at an upcoming John Whitmer Historical Association Conference.

John Whitmer Fellowship

Named after the first historian of the Latter Day Saint movement, John Whitmer fellows complete projects that stress the importance of academic research, public education, oral history, and written presentation. Whitmer fellows are encouraged to present their summer research at an upcoming John Whitmer Historical Association Conference.

Museum Studies/Curatorship

Catherine "Cassie" Kelley Fellowship

The Catherine Kelley Fellowship is named after a fiery independent woman who resided in Kirtland for less than a decade. Her time in Kirtland included interpreting and caring for the physical structure of the Kirtland Temple. Kelley fellows embrace hands-on curatorial projects with the artifact collection, exhibit design, and regular preservation reports.


W. W. Phelps Fellowship

This fellowship is designed for students who are interested in vocal and/or instrumental music. Each W. W. Phelps fellow has the opportunity to combine their talents through various projects in the historical setting of the temple.


Carl Bezilla Fellowship

Named after a local resident of Kirtland, Carl Bezilla fellows have the opportunity to dive into the temple gardens, to assist in the research and creation of a period garden, and create education programs for surrounding school groups interested in learning about local plant life.

Foreign Languages/Linguistics

Joshua Seixas Fellowship

Named after the first instructor of the Kirtland Ohio Theological Institution, Seixas fellows emphasize the importance of reaching out to the international visitors at the Kirtland Temple through various visitor service projects.

Theatre Interests

Increase Van Deusen Fellowship

Increase Van Deusen, one of the most delightful and theatrical residents of Kirtland, represents the creativity and passion of the Theater Fellowship. Van Deusen fellows give emphasis to first person interpretation programs, designing period costume, education programs, and coordinating activities for traveling school and youth groups.


Although there are endless possibilities in the Kirtland Temple Fellowship Program, the above fellowships are limited to eight positions each summer. Prospective students are encouraged to complete and submit an application as early as possible. Application deadline is April 15th. All application requests and fellowship inquiries should be directed to:

Ron Romig, Site Coordinator
Kirtland Temple, 7809 Joseph Street, Kirtland, Ohio 44094
Phone: (440) 256-1830, Email

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Taking care of Artifacts
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Maintaining the Organ
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On the Temple Stairs
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Taking care of Artifacts
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Kirtland Temple Mission Statement:
Engaging visitors in the legacy of the Kirtland Temple, embracing the sacred and secular significance of the historic site, and promoting religious tolerance and open dialogue among all people.

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