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Early Hymanls of the Latter Day Saint Movement

Listed below are the numerous hymnals published up to 1889. Although not all of the hymnals were authorized, the unofficial hymns are still able to provide important glimpses into the hymns of the early church. For example, the hymnal printed 1844 in Bellow Falls is the only hymnal before 1889 to include any music, all others are words only.

1832: Emma Smith's first hymn selections
Evening and the Morning Star, Independence, Missouri.
1835: First church hymnal, Kirtland
Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The first official hymnal published by the Latter Day Saint movement. Complied by Emma Smith in Kirtland, Ohio. 90 hymn texts. More...
1838: David White Rogers hymnal
Unauthorized hymnal. New York. Preface and 49 hymns copied from 1835 hymnal. 89 hymn texts.
1839: Benjamin C. Elsworth
Unauthorized hymnal. Preface and 66 hymns copied from 1835 hymnal, 40 more from 1838 hymnal. 112 hymn texts, numbered 1-114 (two songs appear twice).
1840: European hymnal
Initially unauthorized hymnal, later accepted. Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Europe. Manchester, England. Based on Emma’s work. 277 hymn texts.
1841: Emma's second hymnal, Nauvoo
Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Nauvoo, Illinois. 304 hymn texts.
1844: Bellow Falls hymnal
Unauthorized hymnal by J. C. Little and G. B. Gardner, Bellows Falls, Vermont. First hymnal to include music. 48 hymns, 31 with music.
1861: First hymnal of Reorganization (Community of Christ)
Latter Day Saints" Selection of Hymns. Cincinnati. Compiled by Emma and based on 1841 hymnal. 249 hymn texts.
1864: New edition of 1861 hymnal
Latter Day Saints" Selection of Hymns. Adds appendix of 37 additional hymn texts to the 249 hymns of the 1861 hymnal.
1870: Saints’ Harp
Plano, Illinois and Lamoni, Iowa. 1,120 hymn texts.
1889: First Salt Lake City hymnal
Latter Day Saints" Psalmody. Original LDS tunes for the texts in the 1840 Manchester Hymnal.
1889: Saints' Harmony
Lamoni, Iowa. Split-page format, music on top, texts (all of the 1,120 hymns of Saints" Harp) on the bottom.



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