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Joseph Smith's History

1 May 1832

From Joseph Smith's History of the Church

Our council was continued on the 1st of May when it was ordered that three thousand copies of the Book of Commandments be printed the first Edition; that William W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdery, and John Whitmer be appointed to review and prepare such revelations as shall be deemed proper for publication, for the press, and print them as soon as possible at Independence, Mo.—"Published by W.W. Phelps & Co." It was also ordered that W. W. Phelps correct and print the Hymns which had been selected by Emma Smith, in fulfillment of the revelation.

Arrangements were also made for supplying the Saints with stores in Missouri and Ohio, which, with a few exceptions, was hailed with joy by the brethren. Before we left Independence, Elder Rigdon preached two most powerful [cancellation in pencil] discourses, which, so far as outward appearance was concerned, gave great satisfaction to the people.

Source: Joseph Smith, Manuscript History, 1839, A-1, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City; Dean C. Jessee, ed., Papers of Joseph Smith, 1 (Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Company, 1989), 381-382.

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