Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

About the Kirtland Temple

From 1831 to 1838, Kirtland, Ohio, was a bustling community and headquarters of an energetic new religious movement under the leadership of Joseph Smith, Jr. With great determination and sacrifice, Joseph Smith and his followers constructed a "House of the Lord," that would act as the center of community life as a place of worship, education, and leadership. Although the majority of the Latter Day Saints left Kirtland in 1838, a small number in the community remained behind preserving and maintaining the temple.


The Kirtland Temple Marker
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Today, the historic house of worship is recognized as a National Historical Landmark and has been recognized by The Architects Society of Ohio and The Ohio Historical Society.

Kirtland Temple is owned and operated by the Community of Christ and continues to be used as a house of worship, education, and leadership. Whether on a tour, in a class, or sharing in worship, all are invited to experience the Kirtland Temple.



Kirtland Temple Mission Statement:
Engaging visitors in the legacy of the Kirtland Temple, embracing the sacred and secular significance of the historic site, and promoting religious tolerance and open dialogue among all people.

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