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Elect Lady Revelation

A few weeks after Emma's baptism in June 1830, the following revelation was given through Joseph Smith at Harmony, Pennsylvania. [1] It is the only revelation addressed solely to a woman. [2]

. . . Behold, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou art an elect lady, whom I have called. . . . And thou shalt be ordained under his hand to expound scriptures, and to exhort the church. . . . And it shall be given thee, also, to make a selection of sacred Hymns, as it shall be given thee, which is pleasing unto me, to be had in my church: For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart: Yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me. [3]

The revelation was first printed in the Book of Commandments, 1833 (See transcription of full revelation as first printed).



[1] Introductory text for revelation. See Doctrine and Covenants, section 24 (Community of Christ); or Doctrine and Covenants, section 25 (LDS). Joseph and Emma stayed in Harmony, Penn. from August 1827 to August 1830. See Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippetts Avery Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith (New York: Doubleday, 1984), pp. 25, 35.

[2] Newell, Mormon Enigma, 33.

[3] Revelation given July 1830. Book of Commandments, for the Government of the Church of Christ, Organized According to Law, on the 6th of April, 1830 (Missouri: W. W. Phelps & co., 1833), chap. 26, pp. 58-59. Also found in Doctrine and Covenants, sec. 24 (Community of Christ); or Doctrine and Covenants, sec. 25 (LDS).



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