Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

Kirtland Temple and the Dedication

On 1 June 1833, God called the Saints in Kirtland through revelation to "build an house. . . .dedicated unto me." [1] The construction of the Temple became very much a part of the community life. Men and women gave much of their time and efforts in helping to build the Temple, and Emma took in workers as borders. [2]

By September 1835, Emma was again working on a selection of hymns to be published. [3] The new hymnal came off the press just in time for the dedication of the Temple, 27 March 1836. Adam-ondi-Ahman was sung at the dedication and quickly became "one of the most frequently sung. . .hymns in the early years." [4] The song was included in all of Emma's subsequent hymnals. [5]

"Adam-ondi-Ahman" is found with a the melody and bass line in an unofficial hymnal published by J. C. Little and C. B. Gardner in 1844. [6] It was the first hymnal to include actual music for any Latter Day Saint hymn. All other Latter Day Saint hymnals before 1889 were words only. [7]


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