Kirtland Temple
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Nauvoo (A Poem)

From the Nauvoo Neighbor.

Through cities, towns, and countries, I've often found my way,
Unnumbered joys attending to bless each happy day.
Ten thousand, thousand beauties rare, have often met my view;
But lovelier still and queen of all, is beautiful Nauvoo.

Oh, tell me not of ancient Rome, of Athens, or of Troy:
Gone, gone is all their greatness, without one gleam of joy,
Nor speak ye yet, more modern names, though fair and lovely too;
What is their beauty, what their fame, compared to fair Nauvoo?

Tell not of Egypt's ruined towns that once show'd splendor's dome;
Though art and science ever fair, once made that place their home:
For they have flown, have crossed the seas, and now bid fair to do,
The honor of their presence sweet, to beautiful Nauvoo.

Speak not of London's wealth and power, her population dense,
Long time she's had a nation's care, and sums of gold immense,
Then why not be old England's pride, there's been no hostile foe,
To check the progress of her growth; not so with fair Nauvoo.

'Midst great oppression she has risen, the pride of all the land;
Built up by men who had been driven, from all they could command;
Once nursed on luxuries lap of ease, of toil they little knew,
But stript [sic.] of all, their hands they ply to rear the fair Nauvoo.

Nor deem they this a task severe, they fondly do believe,
That each and every suffering here, God surely will relieve,
Though men more fierce than savage beasts, lions and tigers too,
Have slain their Prophet, and assail the beautiful Nauvoo:

Yet trusting still in Him who said, "their wrongs I will redress,"
And fondly do they now believe, that they, they are the blest,
And as you gaze upon that scene, their temple strikes your view,
And in the fulness [sic.] of your heart, you 'xclaim, O, fair Nauvoo!

Though wild and visionary schemes, their doctrine seem to me,
Yet on the temple, when I gaz'd involuntarily.
Excaped [sic.] my heart a prayer to God, sincere and fervent too,
That he will bless the people of the young and fair Nauvoo.

LAURA, a Visiter [sic.]

Source: Laura, a Visitor, "Nauvoo," Times and Seasons 5 (15 October 1844): 687.



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