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Emma Hymn Festival

Emma Hale Smith Bidamon

Due to the popularity of the Hymn Festival in 2004 celebrating the 200th birthday of Emma, the Kirtland Temple hosted, once again, a hymn festival in honor of Emma Hale Smith Bidamon. This event was held 10 July 2005. More than 200 people came for the event to join in song and hear the story of Emma's life.

Athough Emma is not known to have authored any hymns, she was called to "make a selection of sacred hymns" just two months after Joseph Smith, Jr. organised the church in April 1830. Emma published her first selections in the church newspaper (1832) and subsequently compiled two official hymnals for the church: the first in Kirtland, Ohio (1835) and the second in Nauvoo, Illinois (1841). With the Reorganized Church (Community of Christ) in 1860, Emma was again called to aid with a hymnal published in Cincinnatti [See listing of Early Hymnals].

Eight hymns were sung at the event using the words as found in their first printings. Readings between songs at the event helped provide background information and related each hymn to Emma's life. Below are links to this background information and the full text of each hymn.



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