Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

When Earth in Bondage Long Had Lain

When Earth in bondage long had lain,
And darkness o'er the nations reigned,
And all men's precepts proved in vain,
A perfect system to obtain:

A voice commissioned from on high,
Hark, hark, it is the angel's cry,
Descended from the throne of light,
His garmemts [sic.] shining clear and white.

He comes the gospel to reveal
In fulness, [sic.] to the sons of men;
Lo! From Cumorah's lonely hill,
There comes a record of God's will!

Translated by the power of God,
His voice bears record to his word:
Again an angel did appear,
As witnesses do record bear.

Restored the priesthood long since lost,
In truth and power, as at the first;
Thus men commissioned from on high,
Came forth and did repentance cry.

Baptizing those who did believe,
That they the spirit might receive
In fullness, as in days of old,
And have on shepherd and one fold.

Ye Gentile nations, cease your strife,
And listen to the words of life;
Turn from your sins with one accord,
Prepare to meet your coming Lord.

Let Judah's remnants, far and near
The glorious proclamation hear,
For Israel and the Gentiles too,
The way to Zion shall pursue.

Their voices and their tongues employ
In songs of everlasting joy;
The mountains and the hills rejoice,
Let all creation hear his voice.

From north to south from east to west,
In thee all nations shall be blest;
When Abram and his seed shall stand
Unnumbered on the promised land.

Parley P. Pratt

Source: J. C. Little and G. B. Gardner's Hymnal, Collection of Sacred Hymns (Bellow Falls, Vermont: Blake and Bailey, 1844; reprint, Havana, Illinois: Mason County History Project, 1996), hymn 36.



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