Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

When Earth was Dress'd in Beauty


  1. When earth was dress'd in beauty,
        And join'd with heav'n above,
    The Lord took Eve to Adam,
        And taught them how to love.

  2. On such a grand occasion,
       As union had begun,
    They held a sweet communion,
       And join'd the twain as one.

  3. And bless'd them [at] an altar,
       For chaste and pure desire,
    That no unhallow'd being
       Might offer there "strange fire."

  4. Beware of all temptation;
       Be good, be just, be wise,
    Be even as the angels,
       That dwell in Paradise.

  5. Go multiply,—replenish,
       And fill the earth with men,
    That all your vast creation,
       May come to God again:—

  6. And dwell amid perfection,
       In Zion's wide domains,
    Where union is eternal,
       And Jesus ever reigns.

Source: Emma Smith's Hymnal, Collection of Sacred Hymns (Kirtland, Ohio: W. W. Phelps & co., 1835; reprint, Independence, Missouri: Herald Heritage 1973), hymn 62.



Kirtland Temple Mission Statement:
Engaging visitors in the legacy of the Kirtland Temple, embracing the sacred and secular significance of the historic site, and promoting religious tolerance and open dialogue among all people.

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