Kirtland Temple
A National Historic Landmark

Children's Corner

Color the Temple

Imagine the Kirtland Temple blue, gray, green and red!

When the workers finished building the Temple it was full of color! The outside walls were a blue-gray color filled with small bits of pottery and glass. On a sunny day, the small pieces of glass would shine. The front doors were bright green, like the color of green olives! During those days, it was common to paint roof shingles dark red to protect the wood from sun and rain. If you like, you may color the Temple shingles dark red.

Can you color the Kirtland Temple doors green, the roof red, and the walls a shiny blue-gray?

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Photo of the Kirtland Temple 1891.
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Kirtland Temple Mission Statement:
Engaging visitors in the legacy of the Kirtland Temple, embracing the sacred and secular significance of the historic site, and promoting religious tolerance and open dialogue among all people.

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